Bromance: Lamar Fike


Lamar Fike joined Elvis’ inner circle in the 1950s.

Fike, unable to join the army, followed Elvis to Paris and was a loyal flunky through the hollywood years.

While Fike can be seen in Jailhouse Rock as an Elvis Flunky – Fike one time appeared on stage – carrying Elvis piggy back to reveal Elvis with a monkey on his back.


After Elvis’ death and the factioning of the Memphis Mafia, Fike was one of those who contributed to the Albert Goldman book, peak of the trash trilogy (Bodyguard Book, Anything by The Stanleys and Goldman’s)

Alanna Nash also drew on Fike, Marty Lacker and Billy Smith.


in 2008, Fike released his own Elvis tome: Fike An Uncommon Journey and  was writing another in 2011, when he died.


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