Presley Picture: Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock was the pinnacle of the Rocksploitation Genre starring the king of rock

It was gritty and street, so black and white rather than colour.

The production of Jailhouse Rock began on May 13, 1957, and concluded on June 17 of that year.


Scary Rip It Up Teenager does jailtime and then becomes a big success.

115187252 elvis-presley-jailhouse-rock2


Jailhouse Rock was the only Elvis bad guy movie- more for his sullen entitlement – his movie crime was manslaughter of a man who was beating a woman in public.

Like Loving You, it basically played to the. Elvis story of records, tv shows and moviemaking

Elvis recorded “Baby I Don’t Care” before Buddy Holly who released it as a single before the Elvis movie was released.

Jailhouse Rock the first gay #1 rock song


Howdy Doody’s Princes SummerWinter – Judy Tyler – made her movie debut in Jailhouse Rock.

She and her husband were killed in a car crash after filming and Elvis reportedly never watched this movie as a result.

elvis-presley-with-judy-tyler-in-jailhouse-rock-elvis-presley-9200029-500-395 elvis-and-judy


Jailhouse Rock featured The Blue Moon Boys and many of Elvis’ inner circle as extras, but it was also the first and only time Elvis got to work directly with Leiber and Stoller.

jailhouserock_050pyxurz elvis-presley-elvis-sings-leiber-and-stoller

6240 or 6239?

elvis_presley_jailhouse_rock_6240_jacket jailhouse-rock-6239-elvis-presley-a129dy

still the cutest jailbird ever


Gloria Pall “The Legs of Jailhouse Rock”

Gloria Pall’s face may not be instantly recognizable to fans of Elvis movies…but she undoubtedly had the most famous “walk-on” part in one of his films.







Col Parker tried to destroy all the prop record sleeves, but in the late 1990s, one turned up and autographed by Elvis



it would also seem that extended scenes might be possible, eh?


Vince fighting with the guards who beat him.


Judy Tyler … Elvis’s Classy Leading Lady in “Jailhouse Rock”


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