Romances: Margit Buergin

Margit Buergin was the first European to date Army Elvis.

She was 16 and courting the Media as much as Elvis.

Calling Elvis a Cad in the press, Red West responded that Buergin would not be the first or last girl to take a more serious view of the relationship than what was on offer.


Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield – EIN exclusive Interview

“Sergeant Presley: Our Untold Story of Elvis‘ Missing Years” is a story three … of Elvis in the magazines and his relationship with Margit Buergin who he was …

Presley, Elvis: Elvis Army years, bad nauheim germany, stefaniak › Music/Performing Arts › Oldies Music › Presley, Elvis

may I add a small correction> Margrit Buergin was never Elvis‘ secretary in Bad … Cory, Margit was not Elvis secretary (that was Elisabeth S. Mansfield). Also …


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