Romances: Elizabeth Stefaniak


Elvis Presley met Elizabeth Stefaniak, and after meeting her family, convinced her parents to allow her to live in his household in Germany as his secretary.

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She was also his teddybear, often slipping into bed with him after his official date for the evening left. Including Priscilla.

Elvis brought her to America to work as a secretary at Graceland and army pal Rex Mansfield to be in the Memphis Mafia.

Elizabeth and Rex fell in love with each other and after consulting Minnie Mae Presley, told Elvis once the group was back in America.

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Elizabeth’s sister Claudia visits



ElvisWorld Girlfriends: Elizabeth Stefaniak

Rex and Elizabeth did not remain at Graceland.

Red West later married Pat Boyd, a Graceland secretary, not a gal Elvis dated.


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Elvis, Rex Mansfield and Elisabeth Stefaniak (And Priscilla too!) : Elvis …

Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield – EIN exclusive Interview

Elisabeth Stefaniak was a young German girl in 1958, and was hired to answer Presley’s fan mail.

Rex and Elisabeth (Stefaniak) – Elvis History Blog

In Sergeant Presley (previous title: Elvis the Soldier) Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield recount their relationships with Elvis in Germany 1958-1960

The Rex Mansfield Elvis Collection at Santa Monica 2013

The Rex Mansfield Elvis Collection presented by Mecum Auctions at in Santa Monica, CA 2013.
May 26, 2010 – Mr. and Mrs. D. Rex Mansfield (Elisabeth Stefaniak) of Sevierville will … where he served with the late Elvis Presley as one of the Rock and …

What happened when Elvis entered the army in 1958? Although many have speculated, for the first time we get the inside story. Rex Mansfield, the co-author, …


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