Presley Picture: Love Me Tender

Presley screen-tested for Hal Wallis on March 26, 1956 at Paramount Studios.[5] The test lasted three days[5]


Presley performing two scenes from The Rainmaker with veteran actor Frank Faylen ,[5]and lip-syncing to Blue Suede Shoes.[5]

On April 10, Presley confidently announced during a radio interview that his debut feature would be The Rainmaker with Burt Lancaster and Katharine Hepburn.[9] However, despite this , he was loaned out to 20th Century Fox on August 13 and began work on Love Me Tender on August 22.[10]


Love Me Tender had its premiere on November 15 1956 at the Paramount Theater in New York City, and was released nationally on November 21, 1956.[3]

A somewhat more realistic film telling the story of the Reno Brothers, Rage at Dawn starring Randolph Scott, had been released by RKO Radio Pictures only the year before.[4]


Love Me Tender (1956) – THE PREMIERE | Elvis – Echoes Of The Past
Love Me Tender (1956) – THE PREMIERE | Elvis - Echoes Of The Past
Filmed between August 22 and September 21, 1956: Elvis’ tv appearance sold a million copies of a song he had yet to record, and The Reno Brothers became Love Me Tender


The Reno Brothers was renamed Love Me Tender, after Elvis sang the title song on the Sullivan show and RCA got a million orders for a song that was not even recorded yet.


The Plot was A Southern Troop steals Union Solider Payroll just after the war was declared over.

Sung to his mother, not wife – like the later Blue Hawaii to the grandmother with “I can’t help falling in love with you”

Three of the Troop being three brothers who return home to younger brother left behind, who married The Oldest Hero Brother’s Girl despite having the attention of all the girls in town – Elvis sings at a town event.



The homecoming is marred when The Feds show up and the other Troop members return.

Elvis.. “Vance” turns on his brothers and wife, throws in with the outlaws and dies in a shoot-out.


Fans so distraught at the preview screening, Elvis was filmed again, the ghostly incarnation and a movie only verse of Love Me Tender.



Elvis and Debra Padget. He had a thing for her, but she had a Stage Mother and was dating Howard Hughes.


Elvis Presley’s debut is the only reason why this film was released in the 1980s on VHS and into the DVD/Blu Ray era.

It is the only movie where Elvis was “Introduced”, thereafter, his name was above the title.

In his book Me And A Guy Named Elvis, Jerry Schilling recounts the atmosphere inside Loew’s State Theater in Memphis during the premiere screening: “The screams of the girls around me made it just about impossible to follow the story—this was the first time I’d seen an audience treat a film like it was a live concert, loudly responding to every move made and word uttered by their favorite star.”[15] Presley would later tell his friend Cliff Gleaves that he found this type of reaction from his cinema-going fans embarrassing, and that it had prevented him from being accepted as a serious actor.

There are a few examples of movies that Elvis was in that would have been a movie without him in it, versus the Star Vehicle Movie of having the story tailored to Elvis to the Presley Picture, built to create his public persona and brand.

Scenery + Song + Fight Scene and Girls Girls Girls.


“Love Me Tender” … Elvis Presley’s First Movie – Elvis History Blog


20th Century Fox Stage 1 – Elvis Presley Recording Sessions

Soundtrack Session for 20th Century Fox’s ‘Love Me Tender‘.


Elvis Presley : Love Me Tender Recording Sessions : August 24, 1956


Love Me Tender : 20th Century Fox 1956 – Elvis Presley’s Movies ›


Love Me Tender (film) – Wikipedia

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