Elvis’ Smith Cousins

Elvis Presley’s first entourage was his cousins and high school pal Red West, eventually other people attached themselves, circling Elvis in various degrees of closeness.

Junior and Gene Smith were brothers and were part of Elvis’ world early one, while Billy Smith, 8 years younger joined the Elvis group later and remained his most loyal friend.


“Junior” Carroll Smith

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While Elvis did do real soldiering, his cousin Junior saw combat in Korea, eventually drinking himself to death while Elvis was making “Wild in the Country.”

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Arthur Hooton, Gladys & Vernon, Elvis, Red West & Junior Smith


Elvis Presley and the Memphis Mafia

memphismafia.elvis.com.au › … › Articles › Reviews › Interviews › Sitemap

Junior Smith – Also Elvis‘ cousin who was disabled during the Korean War, one morning Elvis got a call that Junior had died. Elvis who was extremely fond of …

Gene Smith
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Gene Smith and Elvis – 1953
Elvis gives his cousin Gene a haircut. I think that it might have been Gene as the extra upstaging Elvis in the Loving You Jukebox scene…
Gene published a book about his cousin in 1995
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unfortunately contributing to the Elvis Aliver, and not very cleverly, and Gene Smith died sometime after the book.
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Billy Smith
Billy Smith had to wait to hang out with his famous cousin at work.
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Billy Smith – Interview – Elvis Information Network


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Elvis 100% – Interview with Billy Smith – 12.02.2006

Billy and Jo played raquetball with Elvis and Ginger that last night and then listened to him sing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” before going to his room upstairs.
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Billy and Jo lived in a trailer on the Graceland grounds.
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Billy Smith was a primary source of information for Elvis Researcher Alanna Nash, along with Marty Lacker and Lamar Fike.
After Elvis died, Vernon evicted him and Jo from the trailer that they lived in, and where Elvis visited them when he couldn’t sleep.
Billy Smith was allied with Marty Lacker and Lamar Fike – both also with no involvement with the Elvis estate.
Image result for Billy and Jo Smith, Graceland trailer
It’s Elvis’ Uncle Travis Smith and his son Bobby, Elvis’ cousin and Billy Smith’s older brother.

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    • Glady’s brother Travis Smith – who also worked Gate Security at Graceland

      Glady’s siblings were Effie Smith; Lillian Mann Fortenberry; Lavell Smith; Retha Smith; Travis Smith; Tracy D Smith; Clettes Presley and Johney Lee Smith


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