Book Review: Graceland Gates

Harold Loyd is a Smith side cousin, who thought of himself as an older brother to Elvis, got a gate keeper job.


Loyd’s slender volume of anecdotes sold with three cover variations – and he also released a record: A Prayer for Elvis a message from Harold



His book revealed a rather surprising level of access by the gate staff to the kitchen at Graceland, as well as sneaking fans onto the property, or friends they wanted to impress, when Elvis was out of town.

As much as these attempts to set the record straight on Elvis being generous, they really reveal how much that Elvis was taken advantage of, and little surprise that he began to test and purge his circle and limit access.


Elvis apparently found this particular face/sight gag funny.

The claims about Tupelo are dubious, but Loyd did work the gate – however, most of his Elvis interactions are Elvis willing to come down to chat with fans or driving in.out.

Interestingly, he is not mentioned at all in Vester’s A Presley Speaks.


many people claim to be cousins of Elvis because they are cousins with his various cousins, and you don’t count from my something and his something were siblings, you count from their common parent.

Degrees of separation and importance of relationship. Helps to determine the value of the claims in books. and remember that First Person is different from more balanced researchers.

ElvisBooks: Graceland Gatekeepers


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